Introducing “My Top 5” Series

Welcome to the CincItalia website! Today we start a series of “top five” things to do at CincItalia from various members of St. Catharine parish and school.

First up is parishioner Suzanne Schindler, who has worked on the festival in one way or another since 2013. Suzanne is a single adult who lives in Westwood.

Her top five things to do at CincItalia are:

  1. Be in the piazza at night, listening to the music and looking up at the lights strung overhead. It’s lovely.
  2. Eat a healthy serving of lasagna (with extra sauce!) from the CincItalia Pasta Booth
  3. Have a glass of wine with my friend Jan
  4. Buy a Main Award ticket because you never know
  5. Volunteer. Volunteering lets me get to know people in this community. Also, I have more fun working an event than just attending one. 🙂

If you’re a member of the St. Catharine parish or school community and you want to know more about volunteering, please contact us!