Take a little bit of Italy home with you!

Stuarto’s Olive Oil

Stuarto’s Olive Oil Company offers olive oils, dark and white balsamic vinegars, gourmet oils, sea salts, naturally flavored cane sugars, and spices. A favorite of CincItalia shoppers, Stuarto’s has exhibited at farmer’s markets, gourmet food shows and festivals all over Kentucky. When you bring good, quality ingredients to a table you always end up with good food.


Riggi-Italia offers fine candies imported from Italy, such as almonds and hazelnuts coated in a double white and dark chocolate layer. They are “Tenerelli Mucci,” the soft-hearted confetti, produced since 1930 with faith to the original recipe. All their candies are 100% gluten-free. They also offer a selection of fine Italian leather goods for men and women.